The Best Ways To Get Your Body Moving If You Work In An Office

When you work an office job, it’s hard to stay active. You spend eight hours a day sitting at your desk, with only the rare opportunity to get up and move about. While you can technically leave your desk whenever you want, any time spent away from your computer is time that could be spent doing your work. However, unless you want to do your body more harm than good, you may want to consider these office exercise tips.

Have walking meetings

Pretty much every office has meetings, although a lot of the times they aren’t particularly helpful. Instead of all employees piling into a conference room where they’ll proceed to ignore everything that’s said, it may be better to have one-on-one walking meetings. Not only will this allow an employer to discuss issues and suggestions with each person on an individual basis, but it’ll also give you an opportunity to get that blood pumping. You can get in exercise without wasting time, and you can avoid those dreaded Monday morning meetings.

Do some stretches

People tend to stretch when they’re about to embark on a workout, but that’s not the only reason you should do it. Stretching keeps your muscles in good form and stops your body from wasting away. While these are a good idea to do regularly if you work in an office, you don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself. There are plenty that you can do from the comfort of your desk, so you don’t have to stand up in front of your colleagues to do some sun salutations. Plus, it’s super convenient because you can still read things on your computer while getting your body moving – two birds with one stone, right?

Exploit every opportunity

Although most of your day requires sitting at a desk, office jobs don’t revolve solely around your computer. There are other things like answering phone calls which you don’t have to do sitting down, and therefore should be used as an exercise break. They’re a great chance to get away from your desk while still being productive. Using that opportunity to get out of the office for some fresh air could also be beneficial for generating new ideas. So, don’t be afraid of taking an active break every now and again.

Alternative ways in and out

Your working environment might not provide the best opportunities to exercise, but what about outside of the office? If you currently drive to work or use public transport, why don’t you switch things up and walk in? Not only will it give you a chance to clear your mind and prepare for a hard day at work, but it’ll also give you an opportunity to fit in some exercise. If it’s too far to walk, how about biking instead? Yes, it’s extra effort, but isn’t it better to keep your body fighting fit while you still can?

While you might feel compelled to spend all day at your computer, it won’t do you any good. Get up and move around from time to time – both you and your work will benefit from it.