Amazing Workouts That Just Need One Dumbbell

With more and more people choosing to exercise at home rather than head to the gym, it’s those same people that are shelling out a huge fortune on workout equipment. They turn their garage into their very own home gym, and they deck it out with yoga mats, free weights, elliptical machines, and even treadmills. That doesn’t mean you have to, though. Although you can create your own home gym with all of the bells and whistles inside, it’s also super easy to get a sweat on with just one dumbbell. These videos will show you how.

20-Minute, One-Dumbbell Full-Body HIIT Workout – PMA Fitness

If you’re after a hardcore workout, then PMA fitness have got your back. These workouts will certainly make you sweat, even though you’ve just got your one dumbbell for company. Headed up by Faisal Abdalla, this HIIT workout will go through epic circuits that will target every single muscle group in your body, while also making you feel the burn from your head to your toes. You’ll definitely want to do this workout again and again.

Intense Total Body Workout – Trainer Kaitlin

You don’t need to look too hard to see that Trainer Kaitlin is all about the no-nonsense workouts that require very little equipment. All you need for this Intense Total Body Workout is a single dumbbell, and she’ll talk you through the rest. These moves will focus on working your whole body and all of your muscles, and while it’s pretty intense, it’s not completely impossible. You do two sets of each move for 40 seconds at a time, and then move onto the next one.

One Dumbbell Tabata Workout – Tabata Songs

If you’re the kind of person that only has a few minutes to workout each day, you don’t need to worry. This Tabata Songs One Dumbbell Workout is just four minutes long, but will still provide you with the burn that you want to start or finish your day. It’s super easy for anyone to do, and you don’t need to worry about buying any fancy equipment. One dumbbell is all you’ll ever need to add some more exercise into your routine.

30-Minute, One Dumbbell Workout – XFA Fitness

Those of you who forget to warm-up and cool-down before and after a workout will love this video by XFA Fitness. Yes, it may be longer than a workout you’d usually do, but this 30 minutes includes both of these features, so it flies by in no time. The video itself utilizes just one dumbbell and allows you to target all of your muscle groups by perfecting twelve different moves across two rounds. This video is intense, but the moves can be altered or modified if you’re not feeling too energetic at the time.

Many people assume that you need all kinds of equipment to workout from home, but that really isn’t the case. All you need is a single dumbbell and willingness to succeed, and you can work just as hard as you would at the gym. Pretty cool, right?