Adele’s Personal Trainer Has Revealed Her Secret Workout of Choice

While we are firm believers in the fact that someone’s worth should be defined by more than their appearance and their dress size, there’s no doubt about the fact that Adele has caused a storm with her weight loss over the years. She has regularly shown off her weight loss in the past, but she recently broke the internet when she showcased a new look after months away from the limelight. Many fans were incredibly impressed, and many have begged her former personal trainer to reveal her weight-loss secrets. Well, it seems as though he’s finally let the cat out of the bag.

A lifestyle change

Anyone who has purposefully lost or gained weight will know that it’s so much more than simply eating healthily and exercising within an intense regime. It’s also a lifestyle change, as you also need to understand how to maintain such weight loss or gain. This can be the most difficult part of weight loss – but it seems as though Adele has mastered it. In the past, it has been confirmed that a huge part of Adele’s weight loss came through the sirtfood diet, which focuses on nutrient-rich and antioxidant-filled foods. The singer reportedly filled her day with three green juices, alongside the likes of fresh fruits and vegetables, and even treats such as red wine and dark chocolate. However, she also switched up her exercising game.

Never the goal

Since showing off her weight loss to the world, Adele’s former personal trainer has come forward. Although her weight loss has come under fire by some people who believe that she was beautiful before her lifestyle change, Pete Geracimo noted that Adele didn’t make these changes to become skinny. According to him, “skinny was never the goal.” Instead, Adele wanted to improve her life for her own sake and for the sake of her son. He confessed that he saw the singer blossom over the course of her weight-loss journey and that he knew the exercise was empowering her every step of the way.

Embracing the world of pilates

Alongside her former trainer, Adele’s pilates instructor has also let the cat out of the bag, noting that the singer has found solace within the world of pilates over the past few years – and that this helped to bring her weight loss to life. Camila Goodies has noted that Adele prefers to attend small classes instead of attending one-to-one sessions, as she finds other people to be her biggest motivator. When in the class, she uses the pilates reformer to build muscle, strengthen her whole body, and embrace low-impact exercises that also help to burn calories and lose weight. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Adele reportedly only hits the pilates studio two or three times a week.

Adele has hit the headlines over the past few weeks thanks to her impressive weight loss, but if you are inspired by her journey, it’s important to realize that Adele has made a lifestyle change and has professionals around her to help her out.