Ab Finisher Exercises You Need To Add To The End Of Your Workout

If you’re the kind of person that loves to workout and stay active, there’s a high chance that you have already found sports and regimes that work for you. It may be that you love to head to the swimming pool to get in your lengths because it gives you a chance to unwind after work. It could be that you just can’t stop yourself from going for a run in the morning to wake you up. It may even be that you feel right at home in the free weight section of the gym. Whatever exercise you choose to do, these are the ab finisher exercises you should add to the end of any workout.


If you’re familiar with the plank, you’ll know that this is the kind of exercise that people either love or hate. While there are many people out there who try to beat their time every single time they take part in this exercise, there are others who try to avoid it completely, there’s no denying that this move is one of the best ab finisher exercises out there. All you have to do is place your elbows at right angles on the ground and lay out your legs behind you. Aim to keep your core as tight as possible while doing this, and hold for as long as possible.

Bicycle crunch

It might seem a little strange to pretend to ride a bicycle when there isn’t a bicycle in sight, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. This exercise will work your core and your abs as hard as possible, and we have a feeling that you’ll feel pretty good afterward. That’s because this not only involves a crunch, but it also allows your arms and legs to get properly involves. Of course, like with any exercise, it’s important to ensure that you rest in between sets.

Jump rope

While you might not immediately think of jump rope as an ab workout, there’s no doubt about the fact that it seriously makes your core work – helping out your abs in the process. If you can, try and keep your core as tight as possible when jumping rope, as this will help you feel the burn and work your abs even harder. For this finisher exercise, complete 15-30 second sessions with around a one minute rest in between. Do this a few times before you call it a day.

Heel touch

If you’re looking for an exercise that looks fairly easy but really does work your core, then the heel touch is one of them. For this exercise, you need to lay on the floor with your knees bent towards the ceiling. With your arms outstretched alongside on the floor, lean one side in an effort to touch your heel. Then, do the same thing on the other side. Aim to keep your back off the floor throughout this exercise.

Looking to work your abs after a normal workout? Well, you’ll be happy to know that these exercises will do the trick.