These Ab Exercises Are Better Than Wearing A Waist Trainer

If you’re trying to get fit and healthy, there’s probably one part of your body that you want to tone up more than anything. Yes, we all want abs! Because most of us don’t want to go to the gym and actually work to get this six-pack (or even a one-pack), we all look for other ways to look ab-tastic. That’s why many people opt to use a waist-trainer and let this tight material do the work. However, waist trainers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, which means you might want to give these ab exercises a go…

Bicycle crunch

There’s a high chance that you’ve given this exercise a go in the past, and then swiftly moved on because it made your abs hurt. Well, that’s the result we’re looking for. No pain, no gain means that you have to push through the pain as you lay on your back and raise your left knee and your right elbow together. When you do the opposite with your right knee and your left elbow, you’ll feel a little tired, but you’ll also feel invigorated.

Laying down leg raises

Everything is better when you’re laying down, right? These laying down leg raises are the perfect way to sculpt your abs without getting out of breath. To complete this ab exercise, you need to lay on the ground and raise your legs so your body and your legs become an ‘L’ shape. Then, simply lower your legs and repeat. However, it’s important that you do not use your arms or your hands to support you during this exercise, as it will take away the power from the abs.

Heel grabbers

Unfortunately, this doesn’t require you just sitting down and grabbing your heels with ease. It wouldn’t be exercise if it was easy! Heel grabbers are simple and easy though and require absolutely no equipment. All you have to do is lay down on your back, and bring your knees off the ground so they become an upside down ‘V’. From there, lift your head slightly into the crunch position, and reach your arms down to each heel, one by one. You should feel the pull in your abs.

The plank

There are two kinds of people in the world; there are those who like the plank, and there are those that don’t. If you do like the plank, you’ll know that there’s nothing better than lifting your body off the air in plank position using your arms, legs, and your core. This exercise is great at engaging your core and tightening it up, which is what many people want. Just remember to keep breathing during your plank!

Although you can target specific areas of your body when you are working it, it’s always best to work your whole body for the best results. A combination of cardio exercises and weight training is the best way to lose weight and build muscle, which is exactly what you need if you want defined ab muscles. To start with, though, get started on these ab exercises!