A Quick And Easy Workout For Tight And Sore Muscles

Let’s be honest; tight and sore muscles can really ruin your day. Every step becomes much more painful than it should be, and everyday tasks can seem incredibly difficult. No matter how or why you came to have these sore muscles, the idea of working out can seem laughable at the time. There’s no way you can move and bend your body to exercise in such a way, right? Well, it turns out that exercise could be the answer for these painful muscles, and it can even help to release these aches and this tension. These particular exercises will make you feel better in no time.

Side lunge with upper body twist

Those who had a particularly tough leg day the day before may find that every single inch of your leg is littered with aches and pains. This exercise can help you, though. As you step into a side lunge, rest your arm on your lunged leg and twist your torso in the opposite direction. Stand like this for a few seconds while breathing deeply, and then alternate this exercise from left to right leg and back again. This will target any pains in your back, glutes, hips, or quads.

Walk out down dog toe tap

If you are struggling with tension in your shoulders, back, hamstrings, or even your core, then you may want to give the walk out down dog toe tap a go. It may seem like a fairly complicated move, but this will actually help to stretch out your muscles and release this pain. All you have to do is walk out into a high plank, before exhaling and pushing your hips back into a downward-facing dog. If you can, reach your arm down to reach around your opposite leg to really stretch things out.

Single-leg deadlift

Single-leg deadlifts can seriously stretch out your muscles, which is what you want when they are feeling tight and painful. To complete this exercise, simply stand hip-width apart and keep one leg on the ground with a slightly bended knee. Then, lean your body forward while lifting your other leg into the air behind you. The end result should look a little like you’re flying superhero-style through the air. Of course, once you have perfected one side, switch to your other leg.

Plank rotations

It’s fair to say that most of us hate planks, but they are extremely helpful when it comes to tight muscles – especially when you add a rotation into the mix. This move will target any pains you may have in your back, core, and your abs, and it’s fairly simple to perfect. All you have to do is get into a standard plank position, and then rotate your body to one side while also bringing your arm into the air. Once you have done this for a few seconds, return to the plank position and switch arms.

It’s normal for your body to ache and for your muscles to become tight, but that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid exercise completely.