8 Things that You Should Never Do To Your Cats

Owning a cat is a joy on its own, but even the most committed cat owners may start slacking off and taking their pet’s presence for granted. When it comes to felines, there are some things that you should never do. These things may seem simple, but they may have a significant impact on the overall well-being of your kitty.

Forget the cat’s heartworm or flea treatment

Even if your cat spends most of the time indoors, these treatments are essential. Fleas and mosquitoes that carry heartworms can go into your home easily. When they do, they can cause problems to your feline. Going through that problem, make sure to avail the heartworm prevention products and flea treatments which are readily available.

Leave your Cat Outside Unsupervised

When you take your cat outside, he may react with curiosity, fright or even confusion. Without supervision, your kitty might run into traffic, wander away or also hide at a spot where you can’t find him. When you bring your cat outdoors, make sure to put a leash or harness on him and reassure him with your presence.

Leave the windows of your home open

Open windows or even those who ave loose screens can be very hazardous to cats. With all the sights and sounds outside, your kitty might get too excited and either jump out the window or fall out by accident. Fortunately, you can easily avoid these issues by keeping the windows of your home securely closed.

Put off visits to the Vet

Even if your pet seems healthy, it’s still important to visit the vet regularly. You never know, your cat may already have a developing health condition. When it comes to health issues, the key is early diagnosis which is why you should always bring your kitty to the vet.

Place your cat on your lap while you drive

A lot of cats hate traveling, especially if you place them in a cat carrier. But when you put your kitty on your lap while you drive, this might terrify him. Once frightened, he might freak out in your car and cause you to get distracted. To prevent accidents or injuries, it’s still safer to keep your cat in his carrier and buckle it down to keep him safe.

Push your kitty off the counter

You may get annoyed when your cat hops up on the kitchen’s counter top, poking his nose into the meal you’ve just cooked. But this doesn’t mean that you should push him or throw him off the counter top. Always handle your cat gently, and he will respond to your commands better.

Forget brushing your cat’s teeth

Just like us, cats need proper oral hygiene to keep their teeth, gums, and mouth healthy. Therefore, it’s best to brush your kitty’s teeth at least a couple of times every week even if he doesn’t like to open his mouth and show his teeth.

Ignore all the hairballs

It’s true that cats self-groom using their tongues. In doing so, they collect all the loose fur on their coats which they then swallow. Then after some time, your cat will hack up a hairball. If you notice that your cat keeps hacking up hairballs, then you can help with his grooming routine.