8 Healthy and Dairy-Free Breakfast Ideas

Unhealthy breakfast choices are all around us, from delicious baked pastries and sugar-filled cereals to fatty, diner-style fry-ups. If you are looking to cut down on saturated fats and decrease your cholesterol, then minimizing your dairy intake is a great way to start.

Breakfast is the most popular meal where dairy is consumed. Here are some versatile recipes that can help you cut out dairy without sacrificing your favorite breakfast meals.

1. Breakfast Quinoa

The addition of some good complex carbohydrates to your morning meal is a great decision to make. Boasting reduced saturated fats, cholesterol and unnecessary sugar, carbohydrates help you get a good healthy breakfast.

Quinoa is a healthy and simple option for you, and it can be delicious too. Prepare it with your favorite dairy-free milk, nuts and fresh or dried fruit with a little agave. Alternatively, give a baked quinoa dish a try with broccoli, eggs and soy milk if you prefer a savory breakfast.

2. Homemade Granola

Prepare homemade granola with your favorite nuts, whole grains and dried fruit for the perfect dairy-free breakfast or snack. Add dairy-free soy milk or yogurt to your granola for a tasty breakfast or mid-morning snack. Make it ahead of time and store it in an airtight container for a quick and easy morning meal.

3. Dairy-Free Quiches

Breakfast quiches typically contain some form of dairy (cheese, cream or butter). This might not be the healthiest option for breakfast, so here are some dairy-free quiche recipes that are packed with flavor and easily customizable. You can add your favorite herbs, vegetables and meats.

4. Dairy-Free Smoothie

Smoothies are a popular breakfast favorite, although usually filled with dairy. Create your favorite smoothie combination of fruits and vegetables as you would, then substitute the dairy products with dairy-free alternatives like soy or almond milk or coconut-milk-based yogurt. You can even finish it off with a drizzle of honey.

5. Quick Breads

Easy to prepare, quick breads are a perfect dairy-free option when made thoughtfully. Most recipes call for eggs, butter and some other unhealthy ingredients, but these recipes are so easily modified to create dairy-free and healthier options without sacrificing on taste and flavor.

6. Baked Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal is typically made with milk, eggs and butter, but this modified recipe is perfect for a dairy-free, comforting breakfast. Use almond milk and healthier sweeteners with almonds and fruit to create a delicious and versatile meal. You can also keep customizing this recipe with the fruits that are currently in season.

7. Kiddies’ Breakfast Bars

It can be difficult to convince a child on why they need to eat a dairy-free breakfast when all they want is cereal with milk. That’s where the breakfast bar comes in! Kids love this fun and on-the-go breakfast option. However, store-bought bars generally have large amounts of sugar and dairy ingredients. Make your own bars at home with your favorite dairy-free ingredients, less sugar and sneaky ingredients that you know will win the kids over.

8. Dairy-Free Muffins

Muffins don’t typically get categorized as a health food since most recipes contain a lot of sugar and butter. However, you need to treat yourself occasionally, so here is something for a cheat day: dairy-free muffins!