4 Reasons You Need to Eat More Grapefruit

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some foods are better for you than others. There are so many things you can add to your diet that promise an array of health benefits. Grapefruit is one such thing. If you eat more of this on a regular basis, you could see a lot of positive changes come your way.

It supports your immune system

As grapefruit is filled with vitamins A and C, it’s an excellent thing to eat if you wish to improve your immune system. The former vitamin is effective at reducing inflammation, while the latter has been known to help people recover quicker from the common cold. It’s also good at producing collagen, which is apparently what your body uses to heal wounds, smooth your skin, and strengthen your bones. Unfortunately, neither of these vitamins can completely stop you from getting ill. However, the more they boost your immune system, the stronger your body’s defenses will be.

It’s great for heart health

Every year, heart disease is responsible for the loss of life more than any other illness. With that in mind, any food that can protect this organ seems like a good thing to add to your diet. Enter grapefruit, which can reportedly reduce your blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. That’s according to a 2012 study, anyway, which found that people who ate the fruit regularly displayed significantly better heart health. These incredible benefits may be due to the amount of potassium and fiber present in grapefruit.

It could help you lose weight

Many people turn to fruits and vegetables when they want to lose weight. That’s definitely not a bad idea, especially if they add grapefruit to their diet. Given its low-calorie content, you can eat a couple of this fruit a day without feeling like you’re going to go over your limit. What’s more, grapefruit is packed with fiber and water, meaning it’s great at filling you up. People who have trouble snacking would benefit from eating more of these, as they’d be less likely to indulge between meals.

It reduces your risk of diabetes

Fiber is the reason that grapefruit is good for both your heart and your waistline. However, this isn’t where its benefits end. The presence of fiber in the fruit makes it ideal for reducing blood sugar levels because it slows down the rate of digestion. This is great if you want to avoid developing diabetes, a disease that’s affected by the level of sugar in your blood.

A study of 91 obese participants found that those who ate half a grapefruit before meals displayed lower insulin resistance. This was a positive outcome, because the lower your resistance, the more control you have over your blood sugar. This study also found that the participants who regularly ate grapefruit lost more weight, suggesting that the food really is great for slimming down.

Given the range of benefits that grapefruit seems to provide, eating one of these a day could be precisely what you need for a healthier future.