The 4-Move Workout That Victoria’s Secret Models Use

Do you believe in angels? No, we’re not talking about the floating cherubs who fly about with their bow and arrows. We’re talking about the beautiful women who work for Victoria’s Secret as models. Known for their stunning looks and their impressive physiques, these ladies have become hugely famous over the years. They have taken the modeling world by storm, and they have allowed people to get excited over the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every single year. But have you ever wondered how these models stay in shape? This is the 4-move workout they use.

Bench Lunge with Press

Victoria’s Secret Angels don’t put in huge sessions at the gym each day. Instead, they use smaller weights and exercises to target certain areas. The bench lunge with press targets both the arms and the glutes and is fairly easy to complete. All you need is a 5kg dumbbell and a bench. Hold the weight in your right hand, and lift your left leg up onto the bench as you also lift the weight into the air. Continue to do this for ten reps, before changing to your right leg and your left arm. Then, repeat these sets again.

Side Curtsy with Press

The side curtsy with press targets the glutes and the legs and helps Victoria’s Secret models keep the bottom half of their body as toned as possible. Hold a 5kg dumbbell in each hand, and place your legs hip-width apart from each other. To start with, place your arms by your side. Then, reverse lunge with your left leg, but make sure that you are lunging towards your right leg – like a curtsy. While you do this, curl your weights up to your shoulders.

Plank Jacks

Nobody really likes planking, but it’s one of the best ways to test your core and tone up your obliques. This move is simple and requires you to get into the normal planking position, before moving your legs out and back together as quickly as possible. Try to keep your hips as low as possible to maintain your posture, to ensure that you can work your core and push your body to the limit.

Tricep Press to Side Plank

Yes, it’s another plank! This time, start off in the tricep push position, before placing all of your weight onto one hand, while twisting to the side and reaching up to the sky. This will target your waist and your arms, and keep your love handles at bay. Continue doing this another four times, before switching sides and targeting each side of your body. Make sure you do this five times to ensure optimum movement.

Victoria’s Secret angels are known for having some of the best bodies in the business, but it’s fair to say that they don’t just wake up and look completely perfect. These women have to put a huge amount of time and effort into these workout routines, but these four are their saving grace. Now, it’s time to hit the gym and get that Angel bod.