1 Type of Breakfast Can Flatten Your Belly

Summer’s in the air and beach time is here, but that’s not a happy time for all. If you’re one of us struggling with weight and ashamed of their beach belly or simply not entirely satisfied with your body shape, summer can be a frustrating time. Your only friend that can help you is breakfast — or rather the proper breakfast.

While breakfast is a major factor in body weight overall, it has been found to be particularly relevant to belly size, belly fat and bloating, so it’s time you paid more attention to the first meal of the day. Let’s consider some facts.

Not the dieting type? Pretty much no one is, so don’t worry

Not everyone is willing to commit to actual diets — especially not in the holiday season, right? But we have some good news for you: It is possible to lose that belly weight relatively quickly without major suffering.

Does this sound like the myths heard in those awful commercials? Granted, we do not promise lasting and total slimness. However, there are ways to flatten your belly and shed some weight just through a few tricks in your breakfast habits. Here are the tips, so try them out for yourselves!

The ‘big breakfast’ myth

You’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that’s no lie — particularly for weight-watchers. Still, nutritionists don’t like the idea of a ‘rich breakfast’ that gets you full in the morning and gets consumed calorie-wise during the day. While it gives you energy for the day, this kind of morning meal has an adverse effect on your body fat.

The ‘small breakfast’ myth

This doesn’t mean you should have 50g of cereal in the morning and try to ignore your stomach rumbling. The trick is to get a good combination of nutrients, but NOT to eat so little that you feel a craving for a snack just an hour later (the usual scenario for those looking for ‘slim’ breakfasts, which only means you eat multiple, probably unhealthy, meals per day).

The right combination

Breakfast should be rich but not overly greasy and not mainly based on carbs (ex. bread and pastries). Make sure your breakfast includes all or most of this combo: proteins, fats, fiber, carbs and anti-inflammatory foods.

Don’t forget the eggs!

The one ingredient every breakfast should contain is eggs, according to Stacy Goldberg, a nutritionist at Savorfull. Try cooking two eggs in one teaspoon of olive oil, and make sure you eat the yolks. Apart from high levels of vitamin D, the protein from egg yolks makes you feel full and at ease all day long, reducing the craving for snacks and sweets that is your body’s biggest enemy.

For the best (and tastiest) results, have the eggs with whole wheat bread, spinach or lettuce, and veggies of your choice. Add a bowl of berries, with or without yogurt, at the end of your meal. If taken regularly, this combination of fiber, carbs and antioxidants will surely decrease your waistline, but it will also make you energized and productive until the evening. As such, it’s a two-in-one win!