Celebrity IQ’s That Will Shock You! #32 Will Leave You in Shock


Most people tend to think that celebrities are one-sided people only committed to their own craft. The intelligence of these famous people will shock you, as you’ve never would have guessed they had the brains, too!

Ashton Kutcher – 160

When you take a look at some of his roles, you wouldn’t think of him as overly intelligent or witty. But with an IQ way above the human average, this talented actor used his brain to fool us into thinking he was dumb.


Bill Clinton – 148

Although some decisions don’t give out the impression that the former POTUS is all that bright, he has a brilliant mind. With excellent grades at Yale Law School, Bill had an amazing political career and led the country for 8 years.

Former President Bill Clinton speaks during the NAACP's 106th Annual National Convention, Wednesday, July 15, 2015, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Cindy Crawford – 154

There is a deeply-rooted stereotype that actresses and models have a tendency of having only looks at their disposal. Cindy breaks that rule, with a brilliant mind with 154 IQ points. Not too bad for a pretty girl such as her, huh?


Aisha Tyler – 156

You might have seen her on Friends, The Talk or on Criminal minds, and she most likely impressed her with her charisma and acting skills. What you didn’t know is that her mind is a real weapon and that she has 156 reasons to back that claim up.


Conan O’Brien – 160

It’s already been proved that comedians and people with an advanced sense of humor have a way higher IQ than most people. And it’s only fitting that one of the funniest guys around is a Harvard graduate and has an IQ this high.


Alicia Keys – 154

This woman is a multi-talented musician and having the skills to produce, write songs and perform everything so excellently requires some brains too. Alicia gives proof to support this claim, as she is one of the brightest people in showbiz.


Bill Gates – 180

Creating the most useful computer operating system in human history and providing humanity with advancements in technology takes some brains to pull off. Bill Gates is the biggest innovator around, with an ever bigger brain.


Arnold Schwarzenegger – 135

Contrary to popular belief, being a bodybuilder does take brains and knowledge about chemistry, anatomy and nutrition science. Arnold was one of the best of all time, plus he had a successful time as governor of California.


Kesha – 140

People often think that musicians with shallow and repetitive music are unintelligent. It couldn’t be less true, as those people just have an immense amount of intelligence in order to figure out what the public likes and how can they get popular.


Meryl Streep – 143

Aside from being one of the best actresses of her generation, she is an intelligent person all around. Balancing smart financial decisions, taking care of her acting schedule and doing business surely takes some brains. Meryl definitely has them.


Natalie Portman – 140

Natalie is one of the most talented and charismatic actresses in recent years. Besides ruling over the movie screen, she speaks six languages and does all sorts of activism work. Way to go!


Stephen Hawking – 160

Okay, this isn’t actually a surprise at all. What is surprising, however, is that this guy is completely paralyzed and still is one of the greatest minds of all time and has helped humans a lot in the field of science.


Asia Carrera – 156

This charming adult film actress surely breaks the common stereotype of adult film actresses being unintelligent. She has a college diploma to go with an IQ of 156. She also loves her job, so that’s a plus too!


Ben Stein – 150

Having to write speeches for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford takes some exceptional intelligence and a good way with words. Ben certainly has that and his work truly is of the remarkable kind.


Colin Firth – 160

Taking on some of the greatest and most difficult roles in recent years got Colin all the fame and recognition he could ask for. All that talent and skill is a result of hit fast-thinking and incredibly high IQ.


Dolph Lundgren – 160

A wise businessman and an action movie star, Dolph has it quite well in his life. He is not just some hot-shot muscleman, he has a pretty formidable IQ to back all his other useful and amazing talents.


Emma Watson – 138

Being a speaker for women’s right takes bravery and effort. Emma makes excellent points, which isn’t so difficult as she has an astonishing IQ of 138. You may also know her from the Harry Potter.


Garry Kasparov – 190

Chess is a game that requires immense amounts of skill and a formidable brain. Being called the greatest chess master ever takes something even more. Something like an IQ of 190 points, perhaps.


Geena Davis – 140

Having an IQ this high and excellent acting skills, make Geena a one of a kind woman, and deservingly so. She’s shown many young ladies that you can do both and that you shouldn’t be limited to one facet of life.


George H. W. Bush – 130

Most remember the older Bush as one of the better presidents of the US. His decisions and innovative politics must be a result of his high IQ. It’s said that he also loved reading and exploring unknown subjects.


Hillary Clinton – 140

We won’t get into her politics or discuss if she is a liar or not, but having a stable political career for many decades sure takes immense intelligence to pull off, and Hillary has it. She also finished Yale Law School.


James Franco – 130

Like his friend Ashton Kutcher, James also has a way of thinking people he is overly dumb or goofy. That takes skill and intelligence, too. We think that an IQ of 130 is perfectly enough to pull that off.


James Woods – 180

In order to have a hectic and rich career like James, you need an incredible work ethic with some brains. In the brains department, James has more than enough and he has proved numerous times that his 180 IQ is very real.


Jodie Foster – 132

Many are persistent in claiming that success in the acting world is just due to looks and talent. Having a brain like the beautiful Jodie Foster certainly helps and she is deservingly one of the best of all time.


Jordana Brewster – 130

If you look into some of her interviews, you will realize why she comes off as such an intelligent and well-read person. She also has a killer body and some real acting skills to go with it.


Kate Beckinsale – 160

What more could a man want than a woman who is athletic, badass, relentless and has an IQ unlike 99% of the population? Our answer would probably be nothing, but we are eager to see in what ways can Kate impress us now.


Ken Jeong – 130

We’ve got it clear by now – you have to be very intelligent in order to be a good comedian. Ken will not only make you laugh your underwear off, but he can also take care of you – as he is a licensed physician with an IQ of 130.


Kevin Spacey – 137

Versatility is not of unintelligent people. Versatility in terms of being an actor, writer, producers, singer, and songwriter is only for the best of the best. Kevin’s career has him firmly placed amongst that group.


Lisa Kudrow – 154

Back in the days while watching Friends, we all would have bet our whole houses on the claim that Phoebe is not all too bright. Yet again, it is proven that only the cleverest actors can pull off a “dumb act”.


Matt Damon – 160

Aside from always being the guy who gets lost in a movie where people have to bring him back (Saving Private Ryan, The Martian, etc.) he is a well-spoken and intelligent guy who definitely used his brains to get some success.


Mayim Bialik – 163

A woman who plays a genius and a neuroscientist on The Big Bang Theory, she is also a genius and neuroscientist in real life. One might blame her for not really acting and just being herself, but her performances are always stellar.


Barack Obama – 141

Obama was the POTUS in maybe the toughest era of American politics, and given that fact he had to have plenty of ideas and an outstanding intellectual capacity to deal with all the problems. He did a fine job, too.


Donald Trump – 156

Yeah, he has a tendency of saying stuff too bluntly, but make no mistake – this man is a self-made, one-person empire. It takes a hell of a mind to be able to own 15,000 apartments before the age of 27. Give the man his due credit.


Michelle Obama – 115

They often say that charisma is directly linked to intelligence, and Michelle is charismatic as can be. She gained her degrees at Princeton and Harvard, so let’s just say this is a woman young girls should look up to.


Melania Trump – 124

The former model doesn’t seem so bright, but looks can deceive. She is in charge of several businesses and speaks six foreign languages. All the media hate she receives is undeserved and people should respect her a little.


Tyra Banks – 120

She always had smart things to say and tackled many topics on her talk show, as well as being the host of America’s Next Top Model. It’s only right that she has a Harvard business degree and a high IQ.


Madonna – 140

Although some recent things she said and her songs make you facepalm, Madonna has a lot in the brains department. She was a straight A-student and received a scholarship from the University of Michigan.


Shakira – 140

Aside from having a brilliant career, Shakira has opened schools, gave speeches and Oxford and empowered woman globally. It’s only right that she releases a song called “Brains don’t lie”.


Shaq – 101

Most basketball players don’t put an emphasis on education, but Shaq graduated from LSU and later got a Masters from the University of Phoenix. Not too bad, huh? He is also one of the best players in NBA history, too.


Quentin Tarantino – 160

One of the most famous creative geniuses of all time, Tarantino made movies that marked and touched the lives of many people. Always striving to be unique and original in his works, he proved his brains and astonished us all.