Cheerleading Fails Bound To Make Your Day


Cheerleading isn’t easy. Never has been, never will be. Sometimes it’s bad luck, other times it’s just plain unsportsmanship, but who cares? It’s damn hilarious (but kinda sad at times).

It’s the vibration

The question isn’t how it got there or what it’s doing there.

Either way – the answer remains the same.


Not on the job description

What lies beneath the blue dress?

Dear God, let me never know. Please.



Should I tell her? No, you tell her.

Never mind, the whole damn world already saw. They’ll tell her.


One small step for man

One giant crack of laughter from the crowd and a scar for life.

This is real life, no happy endings.


The Crowd-pleaser

She may have lost her dignity, but at least she made the world happy.


Sick Dunk dude!

That must have been one fucking epic dunk.

Only next time, dunk the ball; keep the girl, not the other way around.

A cheerleader goes through the basket during FIBA Basketball World Championship game between Slovenia and Australia in Istanbul

More than meets the eye

Something’s going on back there.

It’s not that she looks like she just got pounded, I just know it.


Team Spirit

Now that’s taking one for the team.

Or is she taking one from the team? :/


Sign holding

Blonde, check.

Nothing new here. Moving on.


Black and blue

She must really love her job.

Somebody give that girl a cookie!


Bad dog!

Someone put that dog on a leash for Christ sake.

No humping in public!


Oh gravity!

What goes up, must come down, they say.

These ones came down hard.


Her poor face!

It’s all fun and games. It’s all cool until someone rips your thong off.

Then things get serious.


Another one.

She had to be blonde, again.

I have nothing against them but come on!


She definitely saw something she wanted

The look on her face says she got more than she had expected.


Raw power

Wink, wink.

If she wanted somebody in the crowd to notice her, this was not how to do it.

That’s not how to wink, damn it!


Touch your toes

Can’t. I think I’ll twerk instead. Oh. Also can’t.

I think I’ll just bend over here and look awkward.


Game over

End of the line, lady. That bra isn’t fooling anyone.

Not anymore anyway.


Zero chills

Gravity literally has no chills, or maybe these girls just have no skills.


Anything for the team

You’re supposed to help the team win.

You’re seriously not helping.