Athletes Who Convicted Serious Crimes


Sometimes physical energy needs some extra venting, and we’re sure that all of these great sportsmen instantly regretted their decisions. We give you forty athletes who broke the law in a wave of emotion.

Oscar Pistorius

The most famous double amputee and Olympic gold medal winner, Oscar Pistorius, is now serving a prison sentence for fatally wounding and killing his girlfriend with a gun, allegedly mistaking her for a thief.


Mike Tyson

The alleged rapist, Mike Tyson, had to put his career on a three-year break because of an attention loving beauty queen who claimed she’d been violated. Mike said that it didn’t happen, but that he now wishes it did.


O.J. Simpson

From football to thievery to alleged wife murder, Orenthal James Simpson has been places. He was charged with first-degree murder but later found not guilty, which didn’t help him after his armed robbery sentencing.


Michael Vick

Seeing how this is going, football seems to be quite a dangerous sport. Here we have another quarterback that decided to wage a little war on the law. Vick kept a dog fighting ring, which earned him 2 years in the cell.

PITTSBURGH, PA - OCTOBER 07:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles stands for the National Anthem before the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field Field on October 7, 2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers won 16-14. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

Bertil Fox

Who would’ve thought that a mountain of muscle that this man used to be would resort to using a firearm? Bertil Fox shot his wife and her mother in cold blood, which unquestionably ended his bodybuilding career.


Tom Payne

The would-be great NBA sportsman, Tom Payne, seems to have had a double life – shooting hoops by day and brutally raping by night. He was convicted and released on parole but was eventually caught in the act during his acting career.


Rae Carruth

Rae Carruth is another football player with a great career and very grim aspirations. For unknown reasons, he hired someone to murder his pregnant wife, who lived just long enough to accuse him.


Eddie Johnson

One of the great All-Stars of American basketball, Eddie Johnson, always seemed like a great person at first glance. However, he was later found guilty of assault, theft, drug possession, and even the rape of a minor.


Mark Rogowski

Not all sportsmen play with balls. Mark Rogowski was one of the best skateboarders of our time, but he also brutally murdered an old friend of his, in order to exempt “revenge” on his ex-girlfriend.


Gavin Grant

Gavin was a famous soccer player and apparently a part-time drug dealer. He was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment after murdering the man that stole a large amount of his narcotics.


Tony Ayala Jr.

Tony Ayala had a bright future waiting for him, but another passion seems to have led him elsewhere. He first committed rape, which put him behind bars for 15 years, but then he got another 10 for violating his parole with drug possession.


Plaxico Burress

While Plaxico definitely didn’t kill, rape nor possess drugs, he’s another sentenced football player regardless. The reason for his imprisonment is more of an anecdote than a crime – his illegally owned gun fired into his thigh.


Ugueth Urbina

Football players may be troublesome, but baseball players are a whole other level of nasty. Ugueth would tie people together, set them on fire and chop their hands off when he thought they stole a weapon of his.


Mike Danton

This NHL star actually had a reason for committing his crime, which put him in jail for only five years. The man he ordered shot was his own agent, who also happened to be a pedophile with naked snaps of his little brother.


Sam Hurd

This un-Hurd of football player made little effort to earn his fame through hard work and training. He instead decided he would become a drug lord, which also ended catastrophically and put him in jail for 15 years.


Maurice Clarett

What do you know, it’s another football player with no career and an illegal resume. Maurice wasn’t all that famous in the field, which made him buy illegal weapons and rob all over the country.


Lenny Dykstra

Leonard Kyle Dykstra is a former pro baseball player, who seems to not have been satisfied with the strength of his already great swing. He instead decided he’d find pleasure in falsification and extortion, and now he’s regretting it.


Ray Lewis

Lewis was a prominent football player up to the point where he got into a bar fight. All would’ve been just a wild drinking night, if not for two men being stabbed in the process. Ray denied involvement, but the judge disagreed.


Darryl Strawberry

This not-so-sweet baseball star wasn’t satisfied with his gigantic salary, which made him avoid paying his taxes. This, along with three domestic violence charges, solicitation, and drug possession, locked him up for a while.


Bruce Kimball

The world-famous diver with quite a few medals in his locker didn’t have anything to do with the underworld. However, he did get mad drunk one night and accidentally ran over multiple teenagers, of whom he killed two.


Lee Murray

Lee was famous for his nickname “Lightning” due to the speed of his limbs in the UFC ring. However, his thinking was apparently not up to par, since he was later arrested for plotting and failing a gigantic robbery.


James Butler

James Butler is probably the most ungrateful boxer you will ever have heard of. After being convicted of aggravated assault for punching the man he lost to, he also murdered the fan that let him live in his home.


Michael Nunn

Nunn was, without a doubt, an incredible boxer, since his career count is 58-4. However, he was caught trying to purchase cocaine, which actually got him charged with attempting to distribute it.


Jayson Williams

Jayson Williams was apparently very angry about the abrupt halt of his NBA career, so much so that he resorted to DWI and battery. He later shot a man in the chest by total accident at a party, landing a mere 5-year sentence.


Clifford Etienne

Clifford the big Black Rhino, as they used to call him, was a terrible boss at the least. He once fired his gun into the ceiling to hasten his check cashing workers, then stole a car with children in it while attempting to evade the authorities.


Dany Heatley

Unlike most of his colleagues on the list, this hockey player went on with his career even after the crime. He drove drunk and murdered his teammate in the crash, which gave him only three years of probation.


Lorrie Wilmot

Surprisingly enough, even cricket players have some hidden aggression. Lorrie was convicted to 12 years in prison at the age of 57 for raping a 13-year-old female. He later committed suicide with a handgun in 2004.

Lorrie Wilmot in action in this 1971 file picture.

Lawrence Taylor

Although Lawrence’s enviable football career provided him even with immunity to various drug possession arrests, he was finally put behind bars for good after trying to pay to sleep with a 16-year-old female.


Bernard Hopkins

Unlike most of the sportsmen on this list that went pro and then illegal, Bernard did it the other way around. He served five years for numerous reasons, during which time he discovered his boxing talent and later made something of it.


Pete Rose

One of the most controversial baseball players to date had a famous scandal while he was leaving the league for good. What many didn’t know, however, is that he also went to prison for 5 months due to tax evasion.

Philadelphia Phillies

Robert Rozier

After he was let go by the Cardinals, Rozier decided to find life meaning in superstition and trickery. He joined a cult that asked him to kill a white man, and then he murdered seven and mutilated their corpses.


Lawrence Phillips

Lawrence of America wasn’t really all that good at college football. One could say that his talents lay in hitting teenagers with his car and getting domestic violence charges. These events summed up to a 31-year sentence.


Tonya Harding

Instead of honing her own skills as hard as possible, Tonya decided to improve her ice-skating performance in the ’94 Olympics by immobilizing her competition. She paid a thug to beat another skater’s leg, then got permanently disqualified.


Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather is quite arguably “the world’s best boxer”, as he is known to fight like a coward until his opponent is unable to continue. His cowardly tendencies also earned him a conviction for beating his own wife.


Tommy Kane

An NFL star that played too little and a husband that loved too possessively, Tommy Kane is now serving 18 years in prison for dragging his wife by the hair and lethally stabbing her after she asked for a divorce.


Marion Jones

Marion has more than one Olympic gold medal in her impressive track and field resume, but that also includes the six-month prison sentence for using illegal supplements in order to improve her performance.


Jason Caffey

The former NBA legend known as Jason Caffey appears to have shot more hoops than he can handle. He went to prison for not paying child support, to eight different women for the ten unattended children that he has.


Denny McClain

Denny is another baseball whiz that ultimately lost it all because of his abysmal private life choices. Although he did finish his career before turning to crime, he was arrested for drug trafficking, racketeering, and embezzlement.

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Jimmy Johns

The promising star of the Alabama football team, Jimmy Johns, decided to keep leading his secret life even at the start of his career. He was eventually arrested and sentenced to one year for drug possession.


Nate Newton

At the very end of the list, there’s also a football player. Nate was a rising NFL star, but his expected bright future was suddenly erased when he was arrested and charged with drug possession.