Insane Red Carpet Falls


The red carpet seems to be the preserve of the mighty and famous, but walking on it is an Art to be learned. Many have sprawled down flat on the face from a simple step missed, or a faltered move.

Candice Swanepoel

Victoria Secrets model landed on all fours in front of a live crowd. At the New York Fashion week, on the runway, she missed a step and came down in a heap almost unrecognizable.


Helen Mirren

After the first debacle at the 65th Berlinale International Film Festival, it happened again when the legendary 70 year old Actress tripped and fell on the last step to the stage at Cannes Film Festival 2016. She remained seated as if comfortable. Then got herself straight up without help.


Jennifer Lawrence

First in 2013 and then a repeat in 2014. First fell down on the stairs when she going up to receive her first ever Academy Award. She has since won an Oscar award and other merit. She has fallen more times than the awards she has received.


Estella Boersma and Kiki Williams

Two models slipped and fell on the catwalk during a show. The first one stepped on a slippery spot and tumbled down. One behind her found the same spot and followed suit. The third one was offered the same fate.


Petra Nemcova

Supermodel accustomed to walking the runway in style. At the Premiere of the Spanish film, she tripped over her huge dress and dropped onto the red carpet in a heap. Embarrassed, she flashed out a lovely smile before getting up.


Yvonne Scio

She met up with a friend at the Film Festival in Los Angeles. David  wanted to lift her up in an  embrace, and they both came tumbling down she on top of him, and her skirt up to the waist and a bare bum staring at the people.


Jools Holland

Renowned musician performed at the GQ Awards, tripped on a bump on the carpet. He fell on his side, spinning round and landed roughly on his back. Raising himself up, he  bowed to fans who witnessed the whole episode.


Liang Ke

Making an Entrance to the Venice Film Festival, the huge train attached to the back of her gorgeous emerald dress, trapped her shoe and she teetered down gracefully. She couldn’t stop laughing after that.


Tim McGraw

Country Superstar, performing in front of a large audience, in Nevada, he was too close to them and held onto a rail for support. When he let go he missed a step and tumbled down right into the excited crowd.


Kelly Ripa

Petite Media personality, wore very high platform pumps to a function at the American Museum. One shoe twisted off her foot and she gave way all the way down.


Ruud Lubbers

Former Dutch Prime Minister at the Chile Presidential Palace, his shoe was caught on a rough patch on the carpet and brought him down in a thud. He lay there for a moment.

Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Ruud Lubbers falls after tripping on the red carpet as he arrives to the Cerro Castillo presidential palace for lunch with other visiting dignitaries in Vina del Mar, Chile on March 11, 2014. Lubbers is in Chile to attend the inauguration ceremony of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet. AFP/FRANCESCO DEGASPERI (Photo credit should read FRANCESCO DEGASPERI/AFP/Getty Images)


Famous pop superstar was dancing as she sang in front of a live crowd. She decided to go down the stairs during the performance, tripped and suffered a nasty fall face down on the steps.



Invited to perform in the annual half time during one of the biggest events worldwide, the Brit Awards 2015, the pop mega star missed a step and tilted backwards flying off a number of steps in front of the world.


Mariah Carey

After the incident she was called Diva in distress.  Singer lost one shoe of a pair of very high platform pumps, and suddenly found herself off balance and on the way down.


Ariana Grande

In a beautiful designer sapphire dress, the singer was showing off her fashion at the Billboard Music awards. Missing her footing she staggered for support and would have harmed her neck.


Cannes Fall Guy

Anonymous perfectly adorned in a white suit and at one of the most stylish film festival in Cannes, rolled down a flight of red carpeted stairs. Somersaulted  at least twice but survived.


Cara Delevigne

Superstar Model at the Man of the Year Awards function in London, she tumbled to the ground. Once on her back and laughing, she was helped up and continued partying.


Hayden Panettiere

Beautifully dressed and in very high stiletto heels at the Met Gala, she stepped in the hem of the dress walking downstairs. Losing her balance she tipped over forwards.


Naomi Campbell

Supermodel for all times, trying to keep with the fashion against all odds. She donned on a pair of royal blue 12 inches high platform pumps, when she twisted and fell she couldn’t get up.


Robert Mugabe

His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe has tumbled and fallen several times. He has maintained his composure always and of the few to admit that it is only human.