Celebrities Whose Deaths are Still a Mystery


One would think that people living in the public eye have a transparent life and if something were to happen to them – it would be known and solved right away. Still, many murder cases like this remain unsolved, with a plethora of conspiracy theories and myths surrounding them.

Marilyn Monroe

With her death never fully clarified, and talks about involvement of the communists to John F. Kennedy to Mafia, many assumptions about the sudden end of her life arose. It is still labeled “a probable suicide”.


Anna Nicole Smith

Found with no illegal drugs in her system, the passing of former Playboy playmate has ever since then been surrounded by media drama. Suffering from depression after the tragic passing of her son and in between numerous legal battles with her ex-husband, the story about her death still has many loopholes.


Brian Jones

The Rolling Stones guitarist and founding member was found dead in the swimming pool adjacent to his house, and even though his passing has a verdict of “death by misadventure”, many conspiracy theories leave his death still unsolved.

Jones, Brian & The Rolling Stones

Bruce Lee

The mystery behind his passing away is the contradiction between his healthy lifestyle and sudden appearance of migraines and seizures, sometimes improperly treated by doctors. With the tragic event coinciding with his rise to superstardom, one has to wonder…

Bruce Lee Karate Stance

Brandon Lee

Caught by a stray bullet during the filming of the highly anticipated “The Crow” and later losing his life as a result of those wounds, the son of the famous actor often becomes a part of the same conspiracy theories regarding his al late father.


Lana Clarkson

Found dead in record producer Phil Spector’s mansion, and him claiming that she took own life, made a whole bunch of inconsistencies arise within the murder case. After a mistrial, Phil was convicted of second degree murder, but speculations still stand.


David Carradine

The famous martial artist and actor was found in a hotel room in Bangkok, with the cause of death labeled as auto-erotic asphyxiation. Many experts claim the body position he was found in indicates a possibility of murder.


Tupac Shakur

The famous rapper and poet got his life taken away during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, with the main suspects being his record label boss Suge Knight, rival rappers and gangs from the East Coast. The case is still open with numerous claims of him still being alive.


The Notorious B.I.G.

Amidst numerous accusations that he order Tupac’s shooting and his equally numerous denials of those claims, he also was fatally shot in a similar situation as his former rival. His case also remains unsolved and open for research.


Princess Diana

Sustaining fatal injuries after a car crash in Paris, a series of questions arose about her tragic   passing. Did she threaten to reveal British royalty secrets after her divorce from Prince Charles? Why were the paparazzi so keen on chasing her that day? The mystery still stands.


Bob Crane

Found bludgeoned in his Scottsdale apartment, the murder of the former radio show host, disk jockey and drummer still remains unsolved amidst many fan speculations.


George Reeves

Reeves died of a gunshot wound to the head in the late evening hours, presumably alone. In spite of the suicide verdict, his friends never gave up on the fact there is more to the case, claiming he was never even remotely unstable or prone to suicidal thoughts.


Jack Nance

The close friend and associate of David Lynch was found dead two days after getting into a brawl in front of a Winchell’s Donuts store, with the cause being subdural hematoma. Who attacked him and why?


Richey Edwards

The Manic Street Preachers’ guitarist withdrew 2,800 pounds from his bank account and was never seen again. Although officially “presumed dead” some people claimed to have seen him in India.


Eazy E

Even though his death from HIV symptoms was highly publicized, claims arose that former label boss Suge Knight, intentionally sent infected prostitutes to his parties, to make his death and sickness as painful as possible.


Black Dahlia

The body of the young and aspiring actress was found slice in half and mutilated in Los Angeles, with the case still being on of America’s oldest and most famous unsolved murders.


Harry Houdini

Although the belief is that the cause of his death is a ruptured appendix, there is speculation that that very injury was caused during a fight with his assistants, who delivered punches to Houdini’s abdomen. The young man claimed Houdini asked them to do it to test his endurance.


Elvis Presley

Either a drug overdose, an allergic reaction to codeine or a heart attack have all been suggested as possible causes of death of the famous musician. There have been claims he faked his own death because he grew tired of the fame and fortune he amassed.


Albert DeSalvo

Many claim the infamous “Boston Strangler” didn’t in fact commit all the crimes he was convicted for, and that he snitched on the real perpetrator whilst in prison, and was subsequently stabbed to death because of that.


Jimi Hendrix

The father of modern rock ‘n’ roll passed away from vomit induced suffocation during sleep, but there have been indications of foul play by his manager. Jimi wanted to obliterate his record contract which would have cost the company millions.