Most Spooky Haunted Places to Visit


Man has often faced the question of whether there is after-life or not and ghosts exists or not. If you are strong hearted, then here are twenty spooky haunted places you might want to visit to get your answers.

Aokigahara- Japan

Commonly referred to as ‘the suicide forest’, it is infamous for the highest suicide rates worldwide. On visiting, one would find shoes, clothes and letters to loved ones sprawled all over the forest floor.


Monte Cristo Homestead – Australia

This is Australia’s most haunted mansion, where three people died in the past – a stable boy who burned to death, a maid who committed suicide and a child thrown down a flight of stairs.


Screaming Tunnel – Ontario, Canada

It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who escaped from her father’s rage with her clothes on fire, only to die within its walls.


Borley Rectory – England

There were several repeated sightings of a nun looking through the window, unexplained voices, incessant ringing of bells and a horse drawn coach coming through the gates, and was formerly UK’s most haunted house.


Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, USA

Infamous for being the first prison to introduce solitary confinement, it was plagued with reports of paranormal activity which worsened on abandonment. These include: vague shadowy figures, evil cackling and disembodied voices.


The Tower of London – England

Currently one of the UK’s most haunted, several apparitions have been reported throughout the years; including King Henry VII’s wife, Lady Jane Grey and two fearful-looking children in nightgowns.


Château de Brissac – France

The Green lady is an apparition often seen within the castle, with hollow eye sockets and a pale bloodless face – the result of a double murder within the castle walls.


Island of the Dolls – Mexico

It’s said that in the 50s, a man named Julian moved to the island and saw a girl drown in the canal. Julian got some dolls to appease her spirit that had started haunting the place, but with time, she became difficult to appease. Julian died in 2001  but the dolls still talk and move at night.


Old Changi Hospital – Singapore

During the occupation of the Japanese the compound was used by the Japanese as a torture camp, but was abandoned at the end of WW II. Apparitions of old men, women, children and bloodied Japanese soldiers are often seen roaming the corridors.


The Queen Mary Hotel – USA

Regarded as the most haunted hotel in America, a vast array of experiences have been reported, most of them originating from the First Class Swimming Pool where two women supposedly drowned here in the 60’s.


Ancient Ram Inn – UK

It arguably the most haunted house in the entire British Isles. Back when it was in operation, people often fled the inn in the middle of the night on seeing full bodied apparitions in their rooms, felt strange cold hands and disembodied voices.


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery – Illinois, USA

It is believed to be haunted by ghosts seeking revenge on vandals that disturbed them. There exist evidence of black magic and occult rituals around the graveyard, and electrical equipment often fails to work in the premises.


Union Cemetery – Connecticut, USA

The White Lady is a ghost often seen among the gravestones, thought to be the spirit of a woman who died at childbirth and forever roams the earth in search of the lost child.


Montpelier Hill – Ireland

The hill was occupied by ‘The Hellfire Club’, a cult believed to have performed dark rituals there. The mountain is now the residence of a massive demonic cat, the ghost of one they set on fire and let loose into the wild.


Raynham Hall – Norfolk, England

It the home of the supposed ghost of Lady Townshend, who was imprisoned there by her husband until her death. She has been repeatedly sighted there, once by King George IV, Colonel Loftus and later Captain Provand and Indre Shira, who accidentally caught her on camera.


Clifton Hall – England

It belonged a rich man who was said to often hear knocking on the wall, voices throughout the night and a baby crying from the inside of a sealed off room. The ghosts are said to be able take the forms of various people, once impersonating one of the owner’s daughters and roaming the halls while she was asleep.


Highgate Cemetery – England

Once the most famous burial ground in London, it was abandoned with the onset of World War II. Cults later held strange ceremonies in the abandoned ruins. One man claimed to have seen red glowing eyes glaring at him through rusted the iron gates, but the sightings have reduced to the ghost of an old woman racing amongst the graves.


The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum- Australia

About 9,000 patients are said to have died there over its 130-year history. It was founded before the advent of medicine and patients were often treated using electroshock therapy that would usually shatter bones, teeth and severely burn or shear flesh.


Dragsholm Slot – Denmark

The castle was built in 1215 and was used to house prisoners of noble rank. It is believed to house at least three ghosts: the grey lady, the white lady, and the ghost of one its prisoners – James Hepburn.


Bhangarh Fort – India

Legend goes that the fort was cursed by a wizard who fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh and tried to use a love potion on her. His plan failed and she threw the potion upon a rock that started rolling and crushed the wizard. Before his death, he cursed the town. The fort was soon attacked and most of its inhabitants killed. The Archaeological Survey of India forbids anyone from staying at the fort overnight.