Celebrities Robbed Blind by Their Relatives


Hollywood is full of ill-chanced celebrities who worked hard for their fame and fortune only to be circumvented by their families. Such family-swindling cases run across from child stars to adults. Check out this list!

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton, the O.C actress, filed a lawsuit against her mother for stealing her money to buy a $7.8 million home and lying about how much she was making from the projects and kept the difference.


Amanda Bynes

Amanda is a Nickelodeon star who sued her parents for spending what she earned during her teen years. However, she, later on, withdrew her petition for legal emancipation.

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LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn filed a lawsuit in 1998 against her father Wilbur Rimes and former co-manager Lyle Walker for spending over $7 million of her earnings.  Her father countersued her, and they later settled the case and reconciled.


Leighton Meester

The Gossip Girl actress claims that her mother after receiving a monthly allowance of $7,500 for her brother’s medical bill, still went ahead to use the money on cosmetic procedures and personal expenses. Her mother threatened to sue her for $3 million if she didn’t raise the monthly allowance to $10,000, but the judge ruled in Meester’s favor.


Gary Coleman

The diff’rent strokes star sued his former manager and father in 1989 for spending all his money. The court awarded him $1.3 million, which was just a fraction of what he deserved. He spent all the money on attorney fees and bad investments.


Anna Chickadee Cardwell

Anna claims that her mother Mama June took all the money she earned from appearing on their show TLC reality show. The show is now long-canceled.


Jackie Coogan

Jackie is among the first child stars who earned $4 million by 1938. His parents used up all his money, leading to the Coogan law which requires producers to put 15% of the child’s earning in a trust fund.

Jackie Coogan-1928-Long Live the King

Chris Warren

Chris was a Disney star in High School Musical whose parents used all his earning. The judge awarded him $330,000 after ascertaining that they had drained his trust fund account, but the parents never bothered.


Dominique Moceanu

Moceanu started her career at age 10 and later became a gold-winning medal gymnast earning more than $1 million. At age 17, she filed a lawsuit against her parents for misusing her money. She was given independence from them along with restraining orders.


Shirley Temple

Shirley was among the biggest stars in 1930, who realized that she only had $44,000 left of her earnings when she had garnered more than $3.2 million in her childhood acting career. Her mother squandered all her money leaving her with less than a tenth of her earnings.


Tianna Madison

Tianna, the American long jump gold-medalist claims that her parents often took money from her, abused and invited a pedophile to live in their house when she was a child.


Mimi Gibson

Mimi Gibson appeared in more than 35 films and over 100 TV shows, but her parents took her entire fortune until she had no enough money to pay for her college fees. She sponsored the California bill of 1999 stating that no money can be withdrawn from a minor’s trust fund until they turn 18.


Jena Malone

At the tender age of 14, alone the Hunger Games star sued her mother for mismanaging her money. Her mother had used more than $1 million, of her earnings, drained her college fund and used other money for her personal lavishness.


Corey Feldman

At age 15, Corey discovered that out more than $I million he had earned his father had only left him with $40,000. He sued for independence from his parents, but his father argued that Corey should pay him the remaining $40,000 for serving as his manager.


Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter fired his mother from being his manager in 2003 and sought independence from her. His mother used up more than $100,000 of his earnings. He also sued her for the return of his personal belonging like the Michael Jackson jacket.


Macaulay Culkin

Culkin the Home Alone star accused his parents of squandering his money and sought legal independence from them. He once used to be one of the highest paid Hollywood stars, but his parents divorced, used up his money and even fought over his trust fund.


Kobe Bryant

Kobe sued his mother after she signed a contract with an auction house to sell his high school and basketball memorabilia. She had received a $450,000 advance for her contract.


Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Mike Sorrentino accused his father of launching a website and using his name without involving him. His father used all the income he earned from the site alone.


Billy Unger

Billy, a Disney star was robbed by his dad-cum-manager for spending his money to please his girlfriend. His father used $400, 000 and charged him a fee of 33% when the industry was charging between 10%-20%. He also took $1 million life insurance policy as the sole beneficiary.


Billy Joel

Joel sued his brother-in-law Frank Weber and also his manager for stealing most of his money. They later paid him $8 million, a small fraction of his actual fortune.