Reality TV Stars You Loved- Where Are They Now?


There have been countless TV stars over the decades, some you love for all the wrong reasons, others you hate for all the right reasons, but they all entertain you – at least for some time. Where do they go after their time after reality TV?

Eva Marcille- America’s Next Top Model

Eva is remembered by many as the season 3 winner of America’s Next Top Model. She landed a gig right after her big win as Tyra Hamilton on The Young and The Restless.


Elizabeth Hasselbeck- Survivor: The Australian Outback

Though not relatively as famous as other names on this list, she nonetheless placed fourth on Survivor: The Australian Outback. She followed up as a host on The View, famous for her conservative views. She went on to work as a host on Fox News.


Richard Hatch – Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice

Richard Hatch was among the more famous of the Survivor contestants and was the winner of the first season. He later appeared on the All-Star season of Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, and The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation. In 2006, he was convicted on a charge of attempting to evade taxes for three years.


William Hung – American Idol

William Hung became one of the most famous comedy contestants on American Idol for his rendition of the Ricky Martin song, “Shebang.” He released an album in 2004 and retired from music in 2011 to become a technical crime analyst.


Nene Leakes – Real Housewives of Atlanta

Nene Leakes, remembered by many a fan from Real Housewives of Atlanta, left the show in 2008. She played a part on Glee and The New Normal, debuting on Broadway in Cinderella in 2014.


Alyssia – True Life

You may remember Alyssa for her heartbreaking story on True Life: I Have Tourette’s Syndrome and her subsequent deep brain stimulation surgery meant to cure her. Alyssa’s impulses have since then improved and she finds it much easier controlling her outbursts.


Flavor Flav – The Surreal Life

His face is probably recognizable from quite a number of shows: The Surreal Life, Strange Love, and Flavor of Love. He’s quit acting and found love, opening a fried chicken restaurant in 2011.


Snooki – Jersey Shore

Snooki, born Nicole Elizabeth LaVallee first appeared on the TV show Jersey Shore. She has, since then, made appearances on several talk shows including The View, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel, and Late Show with David Letterman.


Audrina Patridge – The Hills

Audrina Patridge made her reality TV show debut on the hit series The Hills and took over as the host of NBC’s 1st Look in 2013. She also appeared on season 11 of Dancing With the Stars, leaving her famous on and off boyfriend, Justin Bobby and starting another on and off relationship with BMX biker Corey Bohan.


Stephen Colletti – Laguna Beach

Remembered as an American Teenage heartthrob from Laguna Beach, Stephen Colletti afterward had a short acting career. He was Chase Adams on One Tree Hill and Taylor Swift’s the love interest in the White Horse music video.


New York- Flavor of Love

Tiffany Pollard, more famously called New York, was one of America’s favorite contestants from season one of Flavor of Love. She later appeared on I Love New York and is currently on The Next:15 and Famously Single.


Puck- The Real World

Puck is perhaps the first on this list for being infamous rather than popular – loud and poor in hygiene, he became famous for featuring in The Real World. He was later convicted for a DUI and later, battery. He currently lives with his wife and children on a chicken ranch.


Jack Osbourne – The Osbournes

Ozzy Osbourne is heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne’s son, and he came into the spotlight on the hit MTV reality show, The Osbournes. Jack went on to have a career in fitness and later, a travel reporter. They have a new reality show Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, on the big screens.


Zulena – Project Runway

After her time on Project Runway, she has gone on to release a number of fashion collections, including designing the costumes for the film Our Sins.


Fiona Horne- Mad, Mad House

Fiona Horne was the host of the reality show Mad, Mad House. Since then, she has published many books on witchcraft and even joined the Australian band Def FX.


Sean Duffy – The Real World

After Sean Duffy’s time on The Real World, he went on to become the Republican Congressman for Wisconsin and married fellow Real World star, Rachel Campos. They have seven children together.


Ashley Parker Angel- Making the Band

Ashley Parker Angel became a reality TV star from his 2000 debut on Making the Band. He was a member of the group O-Town. He pursued a solo career in 2006. His solo album did alright, but he ended up becoming more successful in the Broadway production of Hairspray. He also toured with Wicked.


Bill Rancic – The Apprentice

His wife, Giuliana Rancic, may have a career that overshadows his, but let’s not forget he was the first winner of The Apprentice. He later starred on the show, Giuliana, and Bill and has also hosted Kitchen Casino.


Evan Marriott – Joe Millionaire

After his time on Joe Millionaire (where he convinced 20 women he was a millionaire), he became an underwear model for a while and is currently a construction contractor.


Reichen Lehmkuhl – Amazing Race

Reichen Lehmkuhl and his boyfriend Chip are famous for becoming reality TV’s first gay couple after their season 4 win of The Amazing Race. The couple broke up shortly after they won. Reichen also appeared on The A-List: New York for two seasons.


Kwame Jackson – The Apprentice

After finishing second to Bill Rancic on the first season of The Apprentice, Jackson quit reality TV, starting his own firm and an off-screen life as a real estate investor. He also tours the country as a public speaker.


Ali Fedotowsky – The Bachelorette

Ali appeared on The Bachelorette as the sixth contestant and got engaged to Roberto Martinez on the show. They ended their relationship in 2011, since becoming an E! News correspondent.


Rosanna Tavarez- Popstars

Rosanna Tavarez was part of the girl group Eden’s Crush along with Nicole Scherzinger on the TV show Popstars. She went on to co-host On Air with Ryan Seacrest and had hosting gigs on the TVGuide Channel. According to her Twitter, she is now a “yoga teacher/choreographer/dancer.”


Adrianne Curry- America’s Next Top Model

The avid gamer and first ever winner of America’s Next Top Model went on to marry Christopher Knight and starring in a VH1 reality show My Fair Brady. The couple ultimately filed for divorce in 2011.


Heidi Montag – The Hills

The Hills’ Heidi Montag was perhaps the most desperate person on this list for her vain attempts to retain reality fame – from relationship drama with husband Spencer Pratt to 10 cosmetic procedures in one day. The couple appeared on the 11th season of the British Celebrity Big Brother and an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.


Deena Cortese – Jersey Shore

Deena was one of the loud-mouthed Jersey girls of Jersey Shore’s third season. Deena and her longtime boyfriend Chris Buckner joined the cast of VH1’s Couples Therapy in 2014 to hash out their relationship issues. She was also a bridesmaid at Snooki’s November wedding.


Michael ‘The Situation’’ Sorrentino – Jersey Shore

Another notorious character from Jersey Shore, he was famous for his ridiculous antics. He also appeared as a contestant on the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars, getting eliminated on the 4th week and was later charged with tax fraud.


Justin Guarini – American Idol

Justin Guarini participated in the first season of American Idol, losing to Kelly Clarkson. He followed up in musical theater, performing in the Broadway version of Wicked. He is currently married with two children.


Whitney Port- The Hills

She appeared on a spin-off series of The Hills and since then launched a fashion line called Whitney Eve. She also published a book, True Whit: Designing a Life of Style, Beauty, and Fun. She is currently married to Tim Rosenman.


Ally Hilfiger- Rich Girls

Ally (daughter of designer Tommy Hilfiger) appeared on MTV’s reality show Rich Girls with Jaime Gleicher, later joining rehab and is an advocate for Lyme Disease research, with a published a book detailing her struggle with the disease. She is currently married to Steve Hash.