Celebrities Who Were Adopted


The following list of celebrities has an additional motivating chapter to add on the common story about adoption. Integrating into a new family is not easy but they all withstood the test of time and used the difficult time to make themselves stronger.

John Lennon

Being in military means risking your life and your family’s for the country.  So was the case with John’s dad who died in battle leaving John’s mother to raise him single handedly. John’s mother was constantly bothered by financial constraints which forced his aunt to adopt him.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah was born out of wedlock to a teenage mother in Mississippi. Financial insecurities and constraints made living with her parents unbearable until she adopted by Vernon while she still was a teen.


Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar lost his mother when he was only three months old. Her death left Edgar’s father a devastated man consequently failing to take care of the young Edgar. This forced him to look for a family in Virginia which he later became a complete member of.


Tom Cruise

Tom grew up in poverty related issues. He was strictly brought up by Catholic Church which later adopted him after the death of his mother and after facing rejection from his own father.


Bill Clinton

The only 2nd president to have been adopted and impeached by the house of representative for perjury was not left out on this too. The death of his father in car accident three months prior to his birth forced his mother to marry another man who adopted him. Here is Bill with his mother.


Melissa Gilbert

Her parents had just gotten together. Due to the pressures of new relationships, Mellissa was placed on adoption immediately after her birth. Her new adoptive parents speared her to be who she is today.


Faith hill

Faith was born in Mississippi. Later on, she was adopted  by Edna and Ted Perry as an infant and named Audrey Faith Perry. Once her singing career had taken course, she started searching for her biological family.


Sarah McLachlan

Immediately  after Sarah was born, her parents went on separate ways. The Canadian was then placed under the care of McLachlan family who later adopted her.


Daunte Culpepper

The adoption of this American football quarterback came when he was only one day old.He was later raised as one of the 15 children of late Emma Culpepper after his mother’s death in a correctional facility.


Angelina Jolie

Her parents separation unfolded to her at the age of one. At 24, she had to petition the court to remove the surname on her birth registration because of the abusive behavior of the father.


Michael Bay

There has never been a more painful task like searching for your biological parents like Bay did. The Transformer director was adopted at a young age although rumor has it that Steven Spielberg and Jerry Bruckheimer are his biological parents.

Michael Bay

Marilyn Monroe

Due to mental and financial instability her mother was totally unprepared for her birth. This forced Marilyn to be adopted by Grace McKee in Holly Grove orphanage.


President Gerald  ford

He was both the President and the Vice President of USA. His father prompted to kill his mother leading to the pair's separation 16 days after Gerald’s birth. His mother took him to her parents’ home where he became a favorite of his namesake grandfather.


Steve jobs

The Apple CEO was brought up in a Calvinist household. Due to the family tradition that demanded his parents leave separately due to the early pregnancy, Steve’s mother adopted him to Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs at birth. In picture here are his biological parents.


Nelson Mandela

Despite him being the anti-apartheid revolutionary, he was born as Xhosa. Nelson name came in as a result of new nickname given to him at school. After his father’s death, Nelson’s mother took him to Chief Jongintaba who later adopted him as his son.


Tim Mc Graw

The singer is the only child of Elizabeth Ann. After Tim’s mother got pregnant she was sent away to go have her baby who was later adopted by her second husband Horace smith. At 11, Tim’s mum revealed to him who his biological parents were.


Jamie Foxx

Jamie was adopted by his maternal grandmother, Esther Marie when he was only 7 months old. He has occasionally acknowledged his grandmother’s role in his upbringing.


Jesse Jackson

Life can be so horrifying especially when one of your parents does not care about you.This is just a plain version of describing what Jesse Jackson went  through when his mother divorced his father and went ahead to marry another man who later adopted Jackson.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Despite her being the longest serving first lady of the USA, her mother died in 1882. This meant that she had to look for an alternative means of living until much later when her grandmother adopted her.


Ray Liotta

He was adopted when he was only 6 month old. Almost after 40 years after, he hired private a detective to more about his parents. His sister, Linda, is also adopted.