Scandalous Celebrity Feuds You Almost Missed


Celebrities are not immune to anger if provoked. The real spice adds up when the person on the other side is also from same trade and is in similar kind of mood.  Let’s rewind to some famous off-screen action between celebrities.

Rihanna vs. Chris Brown

The two were lovers before everything changed between the two, even forcing Chris Brown to slap her in the face. Their differences surely landed Chris Brown in the jail. Sorry Chris!


Lily Allen vs. Katie Hopkins

Katie  insinuated that Lily has had a famous dad and that she has added on weight.  That did not go to waste as Lily  return the hand back by claiming that Katie instead is never busy with her work and gossiping about girls her age is what she does best.


2Pac vs. Snoop Dog

Well the world of hip hop has it's own style of lyrics and so do the feud. Both had claimed to be the king of hip hop leading to controversial words among the two. They even went ahead pointing guns at each other. This was surely the feud of the year.


Tulisa vs. Lord Sugar

Knowing someone and then saying that you don’t know that someone will surely result into something that you will surely don’t like. So did Sugar who claim not to know who Tulisa is and wanted her to be removed from the X- factor. His comments infuriated Tulisa who reacted by calling him an old man who is miserable. Well you can’t teach old dog new tricks Tulisa.


Kanye West vs. Jimmy Kimmels

Despite keeping cool for some time, they found it difficult holding back there hands by fighting over a woman. You too beautiful for them Gal.


Denise Van Outen vs. Natalie Cassidy

The government has provision for maternity leave but  it seems Natalie forgot that when she questioned why Denise came back for work after two weeks of giving birth. Later on, Denise did not let that go for free when she futed back by labeling Nat as a hypocrite and alleging that she uses her baby for money.


Will Smith vs. Janet Hubert

She and Will Smith have had an off-screen fights that forced her to be fired that has never stopped her from returning bitter words to WilL The clash made her call Smith an Egomaniac.


Miley Cyrus vs. Sinead O’Connor

Despite them looking more alike, they both have one thing that is going to keep them together for quite sometime. That is the converse between the two. Sinead did not like the twerking blondy body of Cyrus deeming her a whore. Cyrus being that busy with her toned things didn’t bother replying directly but rather via social media.


Jeremy Clarkson vs. Piers Morgan

Both decided to go public with their feud with respect to the comment they made to each other in an interview. Jeremy had called him a monumental whereas piers responded in unison by calling him pot bellied pig who needs nurses surgery.


Kelly Osbourne vs. Lady Gaga

The mother monster is everywhere. You better watch out Kelly. And every red carpet has a feature for the vital people. When Gaga skipped the carpet, it all started there. Gaga did not forget to sharpen her mouth by calling Kelly a big hypocrite.


Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West

The environment of a speech is supposed to be calm, but with people like Kanye West, you can expect it to be rather chaos. He interrupted her acceptance speech to hurt her with his relationship with Beyonce. Later on she sung a song  about the event  hurting Kanye even the more.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford

They say that legends have references but when it comes to the two, the legend that is between the two is much more of rivalry. Davis who is a bisexual hit on Joan making her repulsive of  the claim with anger and agony.


Cheryl Cole vs. Cher Lloyd

Having a crew in your performance helps you a lot but as for Cher, she did not like the way her X- factor mentor do this. They both sharpened their knife from there when Cher accused Cheryl that she dwells on auto-tune devices in performance, but Cheryl knife was much sharper by cutting Cher more.


Bill Murray vs. Lucy Liu

The two have worked together  but at times you got to get something off your chest. That is surely what Bill did when he accused Liu of not performing to her standard. Liu did not let that go without punching him back.


Zany Malik vs. Max George

Zany had the guts of calling Max the Chlamydia boy but that made the appetite of Max to rise even higher because he deemed Zany as suck banter.


Amanda vs. Rihanna

It seems Rihanna is on top of the list again after her responding to ugly accusation raised by Amanda. Are you really ugly Rihanna?


Frankie Boyle vs. James Arthur

Some people will do just anything to get a feud with you and Frankie is that kind of  a person. He called James a ''tramp'' and James responded by saying that some people will do just anything to get the attention and so did Frankie.


Jon Hamm vs. Kim Kardashian

Jon has  never stopped calling  Kim an idiot. Kim behaved maturely by saying that she respect every person's opinion because the word stupidity is more of a careless word to her.


Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

Calling someone names which are not theirs can be really tricky but as for Lil who called Nick stupid got the treat of the day from Nick. This led to an epic feud between the two.


Elton John vs. Madonna

The two will surely never shake each other's hand not even comes close to each other; they have had the clashes of the years. John instigated the battle while lip-syncing foul word for her on the stage in 2004.